general questions

  • Why are vitamins important?
  • Which One A Day Formulas are available?
  • Which formula should I use?
  • What is the difference between formulas?
  • Can a man or woman use this formula?
  • How much calcium does this contain?
  • Can the tablets be crushed/cut in half?
  • Does One A Day Contain gelatin?
  • How much gluten does this contain?
  • How much iron does this contain?
  • How much "preformed" or Retinol Vitamin A is in each of your products? How much Beta-Carotene?
  • Can I use this if I have a medical condition?
  • Can I use this with my medication?
  • Can I take One A Day with another multivitamin?
  • Should I take my One A Day supplement with food?
  • When is the best time to take my One A Day multivitamin?
  • Does One A Day have products specifically designed for teens?

women's prenatal questions

women's active metabolism questions

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